Friday, January 14, 2011

Night Market =)

Assalamulaikum =)

Firstly, i want to make a confession..

emm, i really2 enjoy going to night how about you guys?
there's nothing special about it, but i do love the surrounding, goods, food and many more..

ini sgt disukai especially org yang kuat makan mcm saye =)
suddenly teringat funny story when i was in cambodia.. if im not mistaken, i did ask tour guide tu about where's the head of naga? because kat angkor wat tu, mostly batu2 die da gone, and it supposedly ade around the naga, but kat situ xde tau..tinggal badan je without head..for your information, cambodian also call dragon as naga..

as a law student, banyak bende nak tau thats y banyak gak bende nak tanye, tp nsb baek die melayan je =)

ok sambung2, after die bercerita about the naga's head, group lain pon sampai then i explain to them what actually happened to the head in malay..

me: sebenarnye kepala naga2 ni da hilang sebab ramai da amek g jual kat night market (sambil senyum2 cz macam ade bakat da jadi tour guide, bole travel sane sini)

real tour guide: aikk...actually they are not selling the head at night market but they sell it at black market..

me: oohhh really?..ok im sorry(blushing) alamak, fail la nak jadi tour guide mcm nih..hahahahahha

so moral of the story, its better u focus on what u listen or otherwise org lain akan pandang rendah kt u all =)

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